Laura is a 22-year-old North Carolina kindergarten teacher. Living in a community where it is not uncommon for young women she knows to get breast implants, Laura does not consider it a big leap to undergo a surgery "down there." We follow Laura as she travels to Virginia to have a labia reduction procedure by specialist Dr. Bernard Stern. Ever since her first serious boyfriend compared her body to the porn stars he regularly watched online, Laura has been self-conscious and has wanted to measure up to this new standard of beauty. Her mom, Terry, accompanies her to Virginia to provide loving support even though she cannot quite understand Laura's decision. "If it will enhance her life, I want her to be happy," she says.

Winnifred is a 12-year-old growing up in New York City. She is a bright-eyed emerging feminist starring in a “girl power” play (created and performed by The Arts Effect theater lab). As she comes of age, this savvy and thoughtful teen finds that like all kids her age, she is not impervious to the allure of the Internet and social networking. Subsequently, she struggles with the issue of how much of her life to make public vs. how much to keep private. As children of the cyber age, Winnifred and her friends must also contend with the fact that sometimes they are accidentally exposed to more than they want to see. "We are the pioneers," Winnifred says referring to her generation. Her parents, Ken and Jeni, who are also in uncharted territory, provide guidance and help her navigate a world that did not exist when they were her age.

Nichole aka Nakita Kash, 32, is a former porn star, and an award-winning pole dancer (she was a finalist on America’s Got Talent, Season 3). Easy access to Internet porn and its effects on the mainstream world have enabled Nakita to create a burgeoning business that caters largely to a clientele made up of housewives and college girls. Nakita teaches erotic movement and pole dancing -- her students find it thrilling to learn the art of seduction from a seasoned professional. Meanwhile, we watch as Nichole and her husband Dave settle into a more conventional life and attempt to start a family. “I find women wanting to be like Nakita, but Nichole just wants to be like them,” she says.
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