License Sexy Baby for Community Screenings* and for use In High Schools and Universities
Film house programmers and conference organizers please contact us

*To host a community screening, it is required that you purchase a DVD/
High School Version:
• 60 minutes
• Includes classroom guide created
by a high school teacher
• Rated age appropriate for 14 and up by:

• 83 minutes
• Uncensored original film
festival version.
• Uncensored original
film festival version

(be advised, contains graphic material)
• 83 minutes
• Slightly less graphic content

• The licensing rights cover multiple group or community screenings of the film and/or use of the film within an institution or library. These rights are non-transferable. You are not permitted to copy the DVD or share it with any other organization, institution or group. You are welcome to charge admission or use your screening as a fundraising event.

• For an additional fee, and cost of travel, one or both filmmakers will attend a screening (based on availability).

• DVDs are shipped to arrive within 1-2 weeks of purchase.

"I think parents and teachers need to have an ongoing conversation with kids about what they are being exposed to, even if it makes them uncomfortable, because even though we act like we don't want to hear it, we are listening and taking it to heart.”
-- Winnifred Bonjean-Alpart, 14, star of Sexy Baby

"Parents especially need reliable sources of information about what is actually out there, not hysterical media stories calculated to scare and shock, nor the calculated silence that predominates the rest of the time.The goal of Sexy Baby is to get people to feel, think, react and have thoughtful debates.  No one is being demonized, no one is singled out for blame.  But it is time to have an honest and sustained look, that's for sure.”
– Abigail Disney, Sexy Baby Executive Producer
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