rent a copy of Sexy Baby now to inspire a long-overdue conversation among educators, teenagers and parents!

Sexy Baby had its World Premier at the Tribeca Film Festival to sold-out audiences and won Best Film by First Time Directors at Michael Moore’s Traverse City Film Festival. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to engage your community by hosting a screening of this powerful film, and have a post-screening discussion about how we can better support and prepare our kids for their futures.

“I’m a mother of two teenage daughters, and this is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.”
– Jane Rosenthal, Tribeca Film Festival co-founder

Community Screening Version includes:

• DVD of the uncensored 83-minute festival version of Sexy Baby, which had its world premier at the Tribeca Film Festival to sold out audiences
• DVD rental available for single or multiple screenings (price will change accordingly)
• DVD must not leave custody of the licensee, no lending out, absolutely no copying.
• Fee Schedule to be Determined after Order Review

For info on how to program Sexy Baby into a movie theater, please contact us.
For an additional fee, and cost of travel, one or both filmmakers will attend a screening
(based on availability)

See what Common Sense says about the film

High School Version:
-60 minutes
-Comes with a teacher’s guide for classroom discussion
-Rated age appropriate for 14 and up
by Common Sense Media
-83 minutes
-Uncensored original film
festival version.
-83 minutes
-Slightly less graphic content
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